The National Inventory System of the Slovak Republic
Overview of Sectors and Greenhouse Gases Slovensky English

1. Energy

1.A.1 Energy Industries

1.A.1a Public Electricity and Heat Production

1.A.1ai - Electricity Generation

1.A.1aii - Combined Heat and Power Generation (CHP)

1.A.1aiii - Heat Plants

1.A.1b Petroleum Refining

1.A.1c Manufacture of Solid Fuels and Other Energy Industries

1.A.1ci - Manufacture of Solid Fuels

1.A.1cii - Other Energy Industry

1.A.2a Iron and Steel

1.A.2b Non-ferrous Metals

1.A.2c Chemicals

1.A.2d Pulp, Paper and Print

1.A.2e Food Processing, Beverages and Tobacco

1.A.2f Non-metallic Minerals

1.A.2g Manufacturing of Transport Equipment

1.A.2h Construction

1.A.2i Mining and Quarrying

1.A.2j Wood and Wood Products

1.A.2k Building Industry

1.A.2l Textile and Leather

1.A.2m Other

1.A.3a Aviation

1.A.3b Road Transportation

1.A.3c Railways

1.A.3d Water Transport

1.A.4a Commercial/Institution

1.A.4b Households

1.A.4c Agriculture/Forestry/Fishing

1.A.4ci Stationary Sources

1.A.4cii Off-road Vehicles

1.A.4ciii Fishing

1.A.5a Other Stationary Sources

1.A.5b Other Mobile Sources

1.A.5bi Military Aviation

1.A.5bii Military navigation

1.A.5biii Other Mobile

1.B Fugitive Emissions from Fuels

1.B.1a Coal Mining and Handling

1.B.1ai Underground Mines

1.B.1aii Surface Mines

1.B.1aiii Abandoned Mines

1.B.1b Solid Fuels Transformation

1.B.2a Oil

1.B.2ai Venting

1.B.2aii Flaring

1.B.2aiiiĀ  Other

1.B.2b Natural Gas

1.B.2bi Venting

1.B.2bii Flaring

1.B.2biii Other

1.D Memo Items

1.D.1 International Bunkers

1.D.1a International Aviation

1.D.1b International Maritime Transport

1.D.3 CO2 Emissions from Biomass


2. Industrial Processes

2.A Mineral Industry

2.A.1 Cement Production

2.A.2 Lime Production

2.A.3 Glass Production

2.A.4 Process Use of Carbonates

2.A.4a Ceramics

2.A.4b Soda Ash

2.A.4c Magnesite Production

2.A.4d Other

2.B Chemical Industry

2.B.1 Ammonia Production

2.B.2 Nitric Acid Production

2.B.3 Adipic Acid Production

2.B.4 Caprolactame, Glyoxal and Glyoxilic Acid Production

2.B.5 Carbide Production

2.B.6 Titanium Dioxide Production

2.B.7 Soda Ash Production

2.B.8 Petrochemical and Carbon Black Production

2.B.9 Fluorochemical Production

2.B.10 Other

2.C Metal Industry

2.C.1 Iron and Steel Production

2.C.2 Ferroalloys Production

2.C.3 Aluminium Production

2.C.4 Magnesium Production

2.C.5 Lead Production

2.C.6 Zinc Production

2.C.7 Other

2.D Non-energy Products from Fuels and Solvents Use

2.D.1 Lubricant Use

2.D.2 Paraffin Wax Use

2.D.3 Solvent Use

2.D.4 Other

2.E Electronics Industry

2.F Products Uses as Substitutes for ODS

2.G Other Products Manufacture and Use

2.H Other

2.H.1 Pulp and Paper

2.H.2 Food and Beverages Industry

2.H.3 Other


3. Agriculture

3.A Enteric Fermentation

3.A.1 Cattle

3.A.2 Sheep

3.A.3 Swine

3.A.4 Other Animals

3.B Manure Management

3.B.1 Cattle

3.B.2 Sheep

3.B.3 Swine

3.B.4 Other Animals

3.D Agricultural Soil

3.D.1 Direct N2O Emissions from Managed Soils

3.D.1.1 Inorganic N Fertilizers

3.D.1.2 Organic N Fertilizers

3.D.1.3 Urine and Dung Deposited by Grazing Animals

3.D.1.4 Crop Residues

3.D.1.5 Mineralization of Soils Organic Matter

3.D.1.6 Organic Soils

3.D.2 Indirect N2O Emissions from Managed Soils

3.D.2.1 Atmospheric Deposition

3.D.2.2 Nitrogen Leaching and Run-off

3.E Prescribes Burning of Savannas

3.F Field Burning of Agricultural Residues

3.G Liming

3.H Urea Application


4. LULUCF - Land-use Change, Land-use Change and Forestry

4.A Forest Land

4.A.1 Forest Land Remaining Forest Land

4.A.2 Land Converted to Forest Land

4.B Cropland

4.B.1 Cropland Remaining Cropland

4.B.2 Land Converted to Cropland

4.C Grassland

4.C.1 Grassland Remaining Grassland

4.C.2 Land Converted to Grassland

4.D Wetland

4.D.1 Wetland Remaining Wetland

4.D.2 Land Converted to Wetland

4.E Settlements

4.E.1 Settlements

4.E.2 Land Converted to Settlements

4.F Other Land

4.F.1 Other Land Remaining Other Land

4.F.2 Land Converted to Other Land

4.G Harvested Wood Products


5. Waste

5.A Solid Waste Disposal Sites

5.A.1 Managed Solid Waste Disposals

5.A.2 Unmanaged Solid Waste Disposals

5.A.3 Uncategorized Solid Waste Disposal

5.B Biological Treatment of Waste

5.B.1 Composting

5.B.2 Biogas Stations

5.C Incineration and Open Burning of Waste

5.C.1 Waste Incineration

5.C.2 Open Burning of Waste

5.D Wastewater Treatment

5.D.1 Municipal Wastewater Treatment

5.D.2 Industrial Wastewater Treatment