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This part of the web site covers information about greenhouse gas emissions being produced in Slovakia. The source of the data is the CRF Reporter database being processed in 2007, that contains the official and verified data for period 1990 - 2005. According to UNFCCC 1990 is regarded as a "base year", i.e. basal year that is used for calculation of Kjoto quota for particular countries. Slovak Republic is obliged to decrease emissions in the period 2008-2012 by 8%.

  • Introductory information block - contains textual information, that is being displayed according to actualy selected IPCC category. In case where no IPCC category is selected, the basic information concerning issues of air quality, climate change and greenhouse gases is displayed. In case the text is long there is automatically link labeled More... available which can be used to display the complete text. It is possible to use Less... link to display the short version of text.
  • IPCC 1996 category - this part of the page can be used to select the category of interest. In case that selected category contains subcategories, these will be displayed and will be possible to select one of them. The last node of the categorisation is marked with <. Top part contains the full path indicating where user is located within the IPCC category structure. It is possible to navigate to upper levels or to the top level by clicking the particular link presented in full path. Texts in Introductory information block will automatically contain the information relevant to actualy selected IPCC category.
  • Criteria block - it contains the information about currently selected IPCC category. Combo-box labeled Year can be used to select the inventory year of interest. Combo-box labeled Gas can be used to select the greenhouse gas of interest. Table containing emission values can be then displayed by clicking the Select button.
  • Emissions table - displayes after selecting criteria and clicking the Select button. It contains the basic information about each emission type, additional classification, value and its unit. In some cases special red notation keys are displayed instead of real values. The meaning of notation keys is described in the Criteria block. In case of agriculture sector, negative values represent removals, while positive values emissions. Values of "CO2 equivalent" are calculated from GHG emissions multiplied by corresponding GWP (Global Warming Potential) coefficients. Values of GWP coefficients are published in partial reports.