The National Inventory System of the Slovak Republic
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Aktuálne formuláre na ďalšie spracovanie

National Inventory Submissions

Inventory yearSubmission yearNational Inventory ReportCommon Reporting Format tables (CRF)CRF - LULUCF
20132015NIR 2015CRF 2013 
20122014NIR 2014CRF 2012 
20112013NIR 2013CRF 2011 
20102012NIR 2012CRF 2010 
20092011NIR 2011CRF 2009 
20082010NIR 2010CRF 2008LULUCF 2008
20072009NIR 2009CRF 2007 
20062008NIR 2008CRF 2006 
20052007NIR 2007CRF 2005 
20042006NIR 2006CRF 1990-2004 
20032005NIR 2005CRF 2003LULUCF 2003
20022004NIR 2004CRF 2002 
20012003NIR 2003CRF 2001